I am Jurian Rademaker

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Schoolmates remember me as the kid that was always drawing boats during classes and thinking about sailboats and how to make them faster. In 2003 I became a member of technical team of Team ABNAMRO in the Volvo ocean race. In 2006, and 25 years old, I fulfilled my childhood dream, with a race winning result and a 24-hour record. This project made me aware that a competitive team environment combined with an integrated multidisciplinary approach can be a very successful approach for complex technical projects. The first taste of professional sailboat racing also made me very aware of technical risks, the need for proper resource planning and the dangers these boats can be for the humans using them.

Focusing on flow analyses and the development of light weight structures I worked in the European sailboat racing world for many years. Traveling from project to project chasing prices with newly developed boats. My focus of attention lay on the design and build aspects of incredibly light weight and extremely powerful racing machines.   With this experience I’ve founded LinQ Boats in 2009, with the CQ6 being world’s first series build canting keelboat. Directly adapting ocean race technology in a pocket sized sportsboat.

In 2014 I’ve formed a new team and in this resulted in the start of Qconcepts. With a team of specialists with a background in different fields of expertise we’re working on challenging projects. The in-house prototype workshop forms an integrated approach in the developments. CNC-techniques, software and sensor development are all brought together under one roof.

Working in a team environment and working closely together with partners and team members, combined with a hands-on approach is what suits me best. I thrive in a highly dynamic environment and constantly challenge myself and my environment to keep pushing the human- and technical boundaries.

In the free time I playing the bass guitar in a rockband and sailing is and will stay a big part of my life off course. Sailing and racing is my energizer that keeps me going.

How I work

QConcepts is my primary focus and is formed by a clever multidisciplinary team of engineers working on developments that will change the future of maritime transport. These projects benefit from the extensive experience with the latest composite- and flow analyses technology.  The development of software and the integration of sensor systems are an integrated part of Qconcepts’ approach. CNC-techniques and rapid prototyping techniques support the innovative products that are being developed for clients. A short time to market is key in the projects that we develop. Always with a the beach head market as a clear target.

The Qconcepts ecosystem is formed around strong partnerships with three strategic partners:

My career started with sailboat racing and the development of incredibly exciting boats. A passion that I will probably never lose. Aeronamics offers this excitement on a small and easy to handle scale. The Flo1 hydrofoiling sailboat and the FloE, an electrically powered foiling craft, offer sensational hydrofoil experiences to recreational watersport enthusiasts. The boats are being distributed through a European sales network. Integrated design and prototyping activities have resulted in a lean approach to complex design challenges.

IIME focuses on growing (young) talent and early stage technologies. The young team of engineers and students work on challenging projects in the mobility and energy sectors. The HAN University is a key and long term partner in IIME.  It’s a real greenhouse where new ideas and concepts are incubated and brought to a next level. My aim with IIME is to facilitate and support young talent and to create enthusiasm for engineering studies. The HAN-Solarboat is the full scale development platform for Qconcepts’ hydrofoil developments and this team is managed by IIME. Racing with the Solarboat in an international competition is the best test for people and equipment.